Britney Spears’ Latest Bikini Pic Is Making Us Want To Hit The Gym Really Badly


Britney Spears put her amazing bikini body on display, and it’s totally making us want to hit the gym! The singer, who is currently on a five-week break from her Las Vegas show, is clearly taking advantage of her time off to enjoy some fun in the sun. She shared a pic on Instagram, alongside the caption, “Just chilling,” of her lying down next to the pool in an teeny orange string bikini that shows off her AB-solutely perfect body. I wish I looked that good when I was just chilling by the pool…

If you’re wondering where you saw her bikini, she posted a video earlier this month, wearing the same one! The thing is, people are saying that Brit may have photoshopped her recent pic. I personally don’t think so, but some believe the patch of pool seen under her waist, where concrete should be, gives it away. What do you think?

Here’s what I think: The grass she’s on is a hill, hence why there’s water where the concrete “should be.” But honestly, whether or not she did, Brit isn’t the first celebrity to use photoshop on Instagram photos, and she definitely won’t be the last! What really matters is that she’s HOT and her new music is coming soon!