Queen Amber Rose Discusses Hollywood’s Double Standards, Using Channing Tatum As An Example


Oh Amber Rose. How I love you. You’re never afraid to stand up for justice, regardless of the backlash. That takes some serious courage. Amber spoke to HuffPo recently about the serious double standards in Hollywood. As you probably know, she used to be a stripper, and that hasn’t really lent well to a high brow career for her (so lame). She attributes that to sheer sexism. “Brad Pitt used to sell chicken in a chicken costume on the corner. No one says, ‘Oh, you sell chicken for a living.’ No he’s an actor. That’s what he does now,” she said. “But for me, no matter how many TV shows, no matter how many movies I do, I’m always a stripper.”

Amber went on to discuss Channing Tatum, who was also a stripper long before he starred in both Magic Mike films. Now he’s working for directors like Quentin Tarantino and The Coen Bros

Look at Channing Tatum. He was a stripper just like me. No one says shit. He’s at the fucking Oscars. He’s at the Vanity Fair party. You know what I’m saying? No one cares because he’s a man. They’re never going to care.

It’s a pretty good point, as you couldn’t really argue that Channing Tatum was more talented (no offense). His acting craft has improved, but he was no prodigy when his career took off. So why is Amber getting so stigmatized?  She went on, “[Tatum] embraced the fact that he was a stripper and made a movie and kind of made fun of himself, but if I make fun of myself and I call myself a slut, or talk about my stripper past and say it was the best time of my life — I was young, and beautiful making a hundred thousand dollars in cash a year. How fucking fun was that? I had a bunch of friends, it was a party every night — I get ridiculed for that.” 

She continued that the second you embrace your sexuality you’re going to be called a slut or a whore, but she affirms that women should be confident in their sexuality no matter what. What else are you going to do? Hide? “You have one life to live,” she said, “but I can’t live it for anybody but myself. And when you live your life for yourself, that’s when you’re truly enlightened and happy.” Amazing.

I’m really inspired by Amber, who also recently spoke about how Kim Kardashian gets slut shamed but Beyonce doesn’t, simply because Beyonce is a singer. When Beyhivers reacted negatively to this, Amber clarified. 

I can’t wait for even more people to get on the Amber train. 

Can’t wait till even more people rally to Amber’s side.

  • Denise

    So why is Amber getting so stigmatized? Amber Rose is usually up there with the Kardashians on the talentless celebrity lists, and doesn’t seem to appreciate that she is fortunate to be doing as well as she is. If I were Quentin Tarantino, would I pick Amber Rose over Jennifer Jason Leigh for the Hateful Eight? No chance and it wouldn’t have anything to do with Amber Rose being a stripper.