Watch: Helen Mirren’s Kiss Leaves Stephen Colbert Absolutely Speechless


If you want to leave Stephen Colbert adorably flustered, then kiss him on TV! Helen Mirren appeared on The Late Show, so when she came out on stage, instead of greeting him with a handshake (like he was going for), she kissed him on the mouth! His reaction was literally the best thing ever. After the host eventually regained movement in his legs and sat down for their interview, the actress explained her very friendly welcome. “If I didn’t do it then, I’d never get to do it. I have been dreaming about doing that for 15 years so I just grabbed my chance, I’m sorry,” she said, adding that he has very soft lips. To which Stephen responds, “I suddenly can’t remember any questions…Thank you so much for being here. Can you imagine the number of people who are jealous of me right now?” Yes, yes she does. “Including me when I watch it. I’ll be going, ‘Ohhhh, why didn’t I do more?” the 70-year-old answered cheekily, which makes him blush once again. But he recovers enough to say, “The night is young, Dame Helen.” Watch their hilarious encounter above — interviews like this don’t come often!