Watch: The First Trailer For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six Is Finally Here!


After lots of waiting, lots of Kit Harington saying he’s not coming back for season six and lots of teasing, HBO has FINALLY released the first official trailer for Game of Thrones season six. And guys, things are not looking good in Westeros or for any of our favorite characters. As we were reminded not to long ago, “anyone can be killed,” and since the show is following lots of its own storyline this season, we’re all in for plenty of surprises. Also,¬†Cersei is my favorite part of this trailer. But I should stop talking now and let you guys watch it so we can begin the in-depth analysis below. But just keep in mind, the trailer is kind of NSFW, so if you’re in a strict office environment, you might want to sneak into the bathroom or something.¬†