Watch: Abbi And Ilana Of ‘Broad City’ Take Stephen Colbert To Happy Bagel Place


The stars of Broad City taught Stephen Colbert that rainbow bagels are the key to being cool! Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer appeared on the Late Show last night to bring the host up to speed on what’s “hot on the scene” these days. For example, not asking what things are “hot on the scene” these days. But, being the cool New York hipsters that they are, the girls brought Stephen those rainbow bagels that has everyone talking. And even though they allegedly taste like they’ve been dipped in lip gloss, he tried one. What happens next is trippy as hell! He and the ladies are transported to Happy Bagel Place, where the late night host is recruited to stop the evil Bagel King and save the bagel babies from dying. Oh, it’s definitely weird. But if you’re a Broad City fan, you’ll laugh at the stupidity! Watch above — it’ll make you want to try a rainbow bagel (NOT!).