Lady Gaga Totally Fangirled Over Jennifer Lawrence At The Oscars Luncheon


We feel you, Lady Gaga! The singer couldn’t help but totally fangirl over Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars Luncheon on Monday — and we can’t really blame her! Who doesn’t love J. Law? The two superstars bonded and even took a photo on Gaga’s new Snapchat account! Ps. if you’d like to add her (we know you want to) her username is ladygaga. She’s already posted some epic videos and pics from the Super Bowl, and now one with Jennifer. Gaga — who was nominated for an Oscar for her song “Til It Happens to You” — even wrote the nicest caption to go with their selfie.

“Needed a pic with the prettiest girl in the room,” she captioned the pic. If you’re like me, and you love both these women, it’s very likely that this photo will become your background for everything. Just like that another Hollywood friendship is born! Watch out Amy Schumer, these two looked like they hit it off!

Lady Gaga wasn’t the only new friend J.Law made at the event. Room star Jacob Temblay also managed to snag a photo opp with the actress. Is this not the cutest selfie ever? Let’s hope these two become friends.