Rihanna Would Love To Tour With Drake, Plays ‘Never Have I Ever’ On ‘Ellen’


Rihanna is back — and we couldn’t be happier! The singer appeared on Ellen to discuss everything from her dating life to her eating habits. She even played a round of “Never Have I Ever” with Ellen DeGeneres and George Clooney! What random, but pretty perfect candidates for the game, huh? During her interview, RiRi even admitted that she would LOVE to go on tour with Drake (who BTW is featured on her first single “Work”). Her Anti tour begins later this month and she’s supported by Travis Scott and The Weeknd. But not Drake. “I would love to go on tour with Drake actually,” she told Ellen. “That has to happen.”

As for whether Rihanna is dating anyone special right now, she reveals she’s very single. “I’m single right now. And it’s not that I’m like oh, pro single. Yes, I hate men,” she said. “I just think that I just have so much on my plate that I can’t even find the time to entertain a steady relationship or anything serious. Or even a text. Right now it’s just crazy.”

The most important part of the interview though is that we got to find out what Rihanna requests in her dressing room when she does interviews. This list is pretty epic, in fact. It includes: Cheetos, Hot Cheetos, Golden Graham cereal, Oreos, Cup of Noodles, red and white wine, vodka, soda, and garlic olives. That’s a lot of food! She says her favorite are hot Cheetos. However, she likes regular Cheetos when she’s tired of the hot ones. 

We get you RiRi, we get you! Watch the clips below — it’ll remind you how much you missed her.