Watch: Dakota Johnson Totally Drops The F-Bomb While Playing The Acting Game With Jimmy Fallon


One thing is are for sure: Dakota Johnson would definitely drop a few F-bombs if you dumped her over the phone! She’s also incredibly funny and it’s almost like we forget sometimes! Well, if you saw her at the People’s Choice Awards, she was super funny then too. As for this skit with Jimmy Fallon on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show, she was hilarious while playing the acting game. Her first scenario was this: Darth Vader, her fiancé, has called in to say he’s leaving her for another woman. “Hi babe,” Dakota said upon answering the call. “Did you just wake up?” After the fake Darth Vader explained where he was and who he was with, she became became angry. “Who the f-ck?” she said, stopping short after realizing she cursed on live TV. Dakota even puts on the funniest voice when she has to pretend to be a clown getting rejected by clown school LOL! Watch the hilarious skit above — it’ll remind you that she’s really, really funny in her own charming way.