Hugh Jackman Gives Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool’ The Finger And Unveils A Brand New Promo


Twas the day before Christmas and all over the internet, Ryan Reynolds was busily promoting Deadpool, with some help from Hugh Jackman. The Wolverine star took part in Deadpool’s 12 Days of Christmas, giving the world a photo of tiny Deadpool seductively hanging out on one of his claws on Day 11. That photo also came with a new promo for Deadpool, which I will once again say, looks really great. Shall we enjoy?  

I appreciate that Hugh Jackman is taking part in this. 

Wolverine and Deadpool

Ryan had quite a hilarious response, writing on Twitter, “Well, that’s just rude.” 

Deadpool does have a February 12th release date–and February is usually when terrible movies premiere–but I have hope for this one.