Watch: These Cat Acrobats DGAF About Being On ‘The Late Show’


This video will definitely make your day a little brighter, if not sillier. Last night on The Late Show, hosted by the lovely Stephen Colbert, there was a live performance by The Amazing Acro-Cats. The act included six ladies decked out in purple cat ears, an elaborate cat obstacle course, and of course, about six catrobats…acrocats? Gosh, there’s just so many ways to say it. Well, I’m not sure the act really went as planned. At first, the cats were quite reluctant to get out of their carriers. It’s as if one cat said to the other, “Hey man, we’re on TV right now.” And the other was like, “So? I don’t watch The Late Show.” When the cats finally did emerge they weren’t too keen on doing their tricks. One simply ignored it’s trainer and just started scratching the floor. At one point Stephen actually ran across the stage distracting the audience, it was pretty great.  The good news is, they’re cats, so they’re fun to watch regardless. Actually, the fact that this didn’t go super smoothly probably made it funnier and more entertaining in the long run! Enjoy!