Sofia Coppola Is No Longer Directing The Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’ Movie


Back in March of 2014, we first heard that Sofia Coppola was looking to direct an upcoming live-action movie version of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christen Andersen. In June of last year, we learned that gender-fluid actor Andreja Pejic (formerly Andrej) was cast in the film. Today, very unfortunately, we learn that Coppola has decided to pull out of directing this movie, citing “creative differences” as the cause. Plans to make the movie are still moving forward with a different director but news that Sofia is no longer attached greatly lessens my interest in seeing this movie.

In a way, it seemed almost too good to be true. When Universal couldn’t secure Joe Wright to direct their long brewing, live action take on “The Little Mermaid,” they snagged Sofia Coppola. And it was a potentially promising endeavor, with Coppola making her first big studio picture, doing something unlike anything she’s done before. But alas, it won’t happen. Deadline reports that Coppola has exited the movie over, you guessed it, “creative differences.” The movie has had a few different pens on it so far, with Abi Morgan (“Shame”) and Kelly Marcel (“Fifty Shades Of Grey”) previously tackling it, and Caroline Thompson’s (“Edward Scissorhands,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) rewrite looking like the one that will stick. But even with Coppola’s departure, the project isn’t dead, with Universal apparently pushing forward, but no word yet on who they are eyeballing for the gig.

While it is possible that the project can thrive without Sofia Coppola at the helm, I cannot deny that I am very bummed that she is no longer making the movie. She is one of my favorite directors and I was really excited to see what she might’ve done with this classic fairytale. If she left this project because it was turning into something she didn’t want to have anything to do with, then that deffo makes the movie project sound less than stellar to me. I guess we’ll have to wait and see but my interest level in this version of The Little Mermaid has just plummeted. Ugh.


  • Britney’sBitch

    It’s Andreja Pejic, now, btw

    • @Britney’sBitch — OH, I did not know that. Thanks!!