The ‘Wonder Woman’ That Never Was (Thankfully)


Last night I finally finished reading the 98-issue Marvel Comics Civil War Event and because I am still on a bit of a comic book kick, I got to thinking about some of my other fave comic book heroes. I started thinking about the fact that the long-awaited Wonder Woman movie will begin filming later this year, which reminded me that actress Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in the upcoming WB/DC Comics movies, which reminded me that The CW tried and failed to adapt a new Wonder Woman TV series that would be a character origin story similar to Smallville, which reminded me of the failed Wonder Woman TV show that David E. Kelley almost brought to air back in 2011. Then it occurred to me that I had never seen the failed WW TV pilot that was made for NBC. I know the pilot has been making the rounds online for the past 3 years so I figured now was the time for me to watch it … which I did, last night … and oooh boy, am I glad the TV show got cancelled before it even got made because folks, David E. Kelley’s vision of Wonder Woman is so terrible that he should never be allowed to go anywhere near a female superhero story ever, ever again.

Now, even tho this pilot episode of Wonder Woman is terrible (like, really super terrible) I am glad that I finally got around to watching it. I can’t even list all the things that are terrible about the ep … but here are a few. Wonder Woman has 3 identities — Wonder Woman, Diana Themyscira (both public) and Diana Prince (her “real” secret identity) — which is confusing and doesn’t really make sense. One of the major storylines of the pilot episode involves Diana Themyscira arguing with executives of Themyscira Industries over the breast size of the Wonder Woman dolls that they make and sell (a subplot to this is the revelation that sales of the WW dolls are so successful that Themyscira Industries is able to fund WW’s crime-fighting endeavors with the profits). Wonder Woman has absolutely no respect whatsoever for American law. Now, it’s true that many superhereos/vigilantes thumb their noses at the law in order to fight crime but this WW’s disregard for the law is so laughably flagrant that I just couldn’t believe that this WW was real. The thing that really bugged the Hell out of me, like seriously, was the scene where Wonder Woman tried to use her skintight costume to get a male police officer to do her bidding. THEN, she decided to redesign her costume and wear her bikini briefs instead of pants to look even sexier … which will help her fight crime better … or something. I mean, can you believe this garbage? On the plus side, I loved seeing Wonder Woman in the flesh again and I really loved Adrianne Palicki’s performance as WW. The fight and action scenes were really fun to watch but by and large, it’s best that this horrid version of Wonder Woman never made it to air. If you’re curious, the pilot episode is out there to watch. If any of y’all have watched the WW pilot episode, I’m dying to hear what you think. I’m glad I watched … but I’m really glad I never have to watch again.

That was my night. Later today, I’m meeting up with Emma and Josh for another hang with baby Duke. I think we’re taking him to a bar or something so that should be really fun. Happy Thursday!!

  • Victoria

    Do you know why these posts no longer appear on the home page ? You can only seem to access these through clicking on the TV guide section.

    Love reading these so just thought I’d ask.

    • @Victoria — The TV Guide posts have been published later in the day sometimes so they get pushed back to the second page.