20 Reasons Chantelle Winnie Is The Model To Watch This Year


You all know I have my favorites—Miranda Kerr, Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss, along with Jourdan Dunn, Naomi Campbell, and a few other bombshell supermodels. But there’s a new beauty on the block, and I have big plans on Instagram-stalking her for the next 12 months, at least. Chantelle Brown-Young AKA Chantelle Winnie AKA Winnie Harlow competed on America’s Next Top Model last year, and she immediately became a favorite among viewers. We are constantly asking for diversity in fashion, and Brown-Young represents such an ideal in a big way. As a black woman with the skin disease vitiligo, seeing this woman’s face in new campaigns is just beyond exciting. Peep the gallery for 20 amazing photos from her Instagram, and go HERE to learn more about her.

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  • nicole

    she’s a beautiful girl *shout out to the home town girl!*. it’s blows my mind how symmetrical her marks are. loved her on ANTM – though some times…her attitude seemed a little crappy and i may or may not have wanted to poke her in the eye with a makeup brush (but really i get that feeling with most of the contestants every season). BUT i hope she finds her way to the main stage with modelling.

  • Kim

    She IS absolutely stunning and a beautiful woman, but I did not enjoy her on ANTM. She was a bitch. Sure editing can go a long way, but she needed a slice or two of humble pie.

    • Vicky

      She is beautiful but watching her on ANTM was painful. She seems like a miserable human being. And she did not take direction well AT ALL at photo shoots. She insulted the crap out of Yu Tsai and I don’t think many of the other photographers were that impressed with her, either.

  • Fifi4life

    She’s definitely a beautiful girl, and it’s great that she’s getting work. I’m always a bit skeptical when models who don’t fit the typical standard of what a model should look like get work. Albino models for example. Like were they just hired because of their differences? Once the novelty wears off how much work will they get?

    She wasn’t painted in the best light on Top Model. She came off as a bit conceited and bitchy. But then we all know that “reality” show editing should always be giving the side eye.

  • Meg

    I just wish her attitude wasn’t so off-putting on ANTM. She is truly beautiful outside.