Rihanna Is Trying To Bring Back The Motorola RAZR Mobile Phone


For the past few months or so, hipsters have been seen carrying around and using old, pre-smartphone mobile phones as a way of distinguishing themselves as “cool” … or some such nonsense. Today we learn that pop star Rihanna has jumped aboard that bandwagon as she has been spotted out and about with a pink Motorola RAZR flip phone in her possession. Older cell phones like the Moto RAZR can still be used as long as they have a functional SIM card installed so you, too, can be “cool” with an old, outdated mobile phone as well!!

I’m not sure if any of you old skool PITNB readers recall but before the PINK Moto RAZR was released for sale to the public, the company gave away these phones to a select group of Hollywood “It” Girls to drum up promotion of the phones. Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, etc. were seen carrying around these coveted mobile phones months before it was available for sale to the public. I, too, was given one of these pink RAZR phones and I loved the HELL out of that phone. Trust me, I get the “cool factor” of reverting back to the bygone days of mobile phone technology from the early to mid ’00s but the only thing you can do with these phones is make calls (but who does that), send texts (with the archaic T9 keyboard) and take photos with the painfully low quality VGA camera (ugh). I love my smartphone and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. But, would YOU revert to old mobile phone tech just because Rihanna is trying to make it cool again?

[Photo credit: AKM-GSI]

  • nicole

    I had the black version of that phone and to this day, its still the greatest phone I owned. Never had an issue with it. But when I see those phones now…and maybe its cause I watch too many movies, I can’t help but think that’s like a bootycall phone or something lol

  • sfmom

    Man – I loved my RAZR. I had the V3 Miami Ink Cherry blossom one…it was so pretty. And it worked like a champ. No crashes, not complicated…I miss those days. As much as I love my iPhone, it’s a pain in the ass (of course, I’m all retro with my 3gs, so maybe it’s my fault for being such a late adopter).

  • zanne

    LOL! I never switched to a smart phone. I’m super excited that my old slider phone is “cool” again! ;)

    • Karen

      @zanne — Same :)

  • Lauren xx

    Omg I’m so the opposite, I HATED my Razr. I had the red one, and it always crashed and froze. I finally gave it up when it froze up when I needed to make an emergency call. The only good thing about it was I could carry it in my back pocket without looking like I had a giant bulge on my butt.

  • Sam

    No way she actually still uses it. I bet you it’s for prop purposes only.

  • Daniel

    Ok, so it’s not the phone that bothers me…but is that a Juicy Juice juicebox in her hand? What’s with that?

    • @Daniel — Maybe she’s regressing entirely?

    • Natalea


    • Daniel

      She must be! LOL

  • Nathan

    That Razr was a beast though! Talk about indestructible!