Sean Hayes Got Married Two Weeks Ago And Is Only Telling Us About It Now


Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes posted a very cute #ThrowbackThursday photo on his official Twitter account today of a photo he snapped with his new husband Scott Icenogle when they got married two weeks ago! Yes, that’s right, Sean and Scott got married after 8 years together earlier this month and decided to finally let the rest of us in on their happy news in this very cute way. Click below to see the newlyweds as they looked on their wedding day two weeks and and let’s send the happy couple all our love and congrats.

Here’s a #TBT photo of @scotticenogle and me getting married last week. Took us 8 years but we did it!

Sean has always maintained a high level of privacy so I’m not at all surprised that he decided to keep news of his marriage a secret … but I am glad that he and Scott decided to share their news with us sooner rather than later because something as amazing as a happily married couple is worth celebrating. Congrats, again, you two … here’s to happily ever after.


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