The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie Will Star ‘3 Hilarious Women’


A couple of years ago, we first heard rumblings that pre-production was underway on a third Ghostbusters movie but after it was reported that Bill Murray pulled out of the project, it seemed as if Ghostbusters 3 was dunzo. In the past few months, talk of a new Ghostbusters movie started heating up and rumors started going around that the new movie would star 3 female lead characters rather than the original male characters who starred in the first two Ghostbusters movies. Today we learn somewhat officially that Ghostbusters 3 is headed our way and it will star “3 hilarious women” in the lead roles.

Who’s Paul Feig gonna call for the officially confirmed Ghostbusters 3? A cast of hilarious women to star in the film, according to the Bridesmaids director’s tweet on Wednesday. The long-anticipated third installment will be rejuvenated and totally separated from the original films. The Heat writer Katie Dippold will replace Dan Aykroyd, who had been writing (and rewriting) the third script for three years. Though Bill Murray won’t be the one yielding a proton pack in Ghostbusters 3, he named a few funny women whom he thinks could do the job just as well. Speaking to the Toronto Star at the Toronto International Film Festival, Murray name-checked Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini and Emma Stone. While the lead roles have yet to be cast, one actress, at least, seems game. During a September press conference, Wiig told Yahoo!, “I will do whatever Bill Murray tells me to do.” A stern, “That will run everywhere,” came from her publicist in the other room, with the actress responding, “I know, that’s why I said it.” In a response to the Star, McCarthy wasn’t as ready to battle green glob-shaped ghosts as Wiig. She said taking on a movie that legendary would be daunting, but that she “would do anything with those ladies, anything at all.” Feig is taking over from Ivan Reitman, the director of the first two films who removed himself from the director’s chair earlier this year. “I suddenly felt that Ghostbusters didn’t necessarily need me as a director,” he told SuperheroHype. “Having done the other two and with the passing of Harold [Ramis] and with Bill Murray seeming disinterested in being in it, I thought it was better for me just to produce it and to make sure we’re going to have the quality and style of what is appropriate for another version of that film. But the franchise could benefit from somebody else’s point of view.” The film is expected to begin filming next year, but no official release date has been revealed. For Ghostbusters’ fans, the news came just in time for the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

At first, I wasn’t really interested in a reboot that starred anyone other than the original lead actors. But I am really in LOVE with this idea of having 3 female lead actresses take over the Ghostbusting reins. I’d take any of the funny ladies mentioned in this report, in any configuration. Naturally, I’ll wait until casting is announced but so far, I am loving what I’m hearing about the new incarnation of Ghostbusters 3. What do y’all think? Do you like this female-centric idea for Ghostbusters 3? If so, who would you like to see in the lead roles?


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    Melissa McCarthy? ok, not going to see this one then