It Sounds Like The ’24’ Movie May Happen At Last


When the action/drama series 24 went off the air a few years ago, there was MUCH talk about the show and its characters being turned into a feature-length film. Over the years, we heard more chatter about the potential film but it never came to be. Earlier this year, 24 was rebooted back on TV as a mini-season for its network Fox and because of its success, we are learning that talk has been sparked again about turning 24 into a movie … BUT, if we get a movie, does that we won’t get anymore 24 on TV? HMMM.

Has the 24 movie’s time finally come? TVLine has learned exclusively that talks to bring Jack Bauer to the big screen have quietly gathered steam in recent weeks. According to sources, Imagine Entertainment — perhaps buoyed by the positive buzz generated by Fox’s 24: Live Another Day revival — is kicking around a new feature idea. Imagine Chairman Brian Grazer is said to be particularly keen on the pitch, which has yet to be brought to 20th Century Fox. A 20th rep declined to comment. Last winter, while promoting 24: LAD, Kiefer Sutherland maintained that the 24 movie still had a (faint) pulse. “The film’s an ongoing situation,” he said. “There’s always an opportunity to do that.” The current movie chatter is complicated somewhat by the fact that Fox, the television network, will likely want to mount another 24 miniseries in the near future. “I loved this year’s season of 24,” Fox Networks Group Chairman CEO Peter Rice said in July. “I’ve always been a fan. We haven’t had a specific conversation about it coming back yet, but I’m sure we will in the future. It’s a wonderful franchise. When you look at the show itself, it has many more stories to tell. I think we need to sit down and talk to the creators.”

Personally, I don’t see how we can’t have both. Writers can pen a larger story that will encapsulate both a movie and multiple seasons of the show on TV. Of the two, I think I’d prefer to have 24 on TV, tho. Even tho the most recent season, 24: Live Another Day, wasn’t as thrilling as I hoped it would be, I enjoyed having my beloved 24 characters back on TV. That said, if we get a movie … I’d see the movie. Basically, I just want to feed my eyeballs with 24 so I don’t really care how I get my fix, as long as I get my fix.