Attention World: Snoop Dogg Is Now A Blonde


So … I don’t want to alarm anyone but … Snoop Dogg is blonde now. Yes, it’s true. Snoop uploaded a series of photos and videos on his official Instagram profile that show him as a blonde man named “Todd”. We all know that Snoop is the kind of guy who likes to have fun and everybody knows that blondes have more fun so … it makes sense? I dunno. What I do know is that Snoop looks kind of creepy as a blonde but it’s all good in the hood where Snoop’s concerned. Click below to see video of blonde Snoop doing his thing and see what you think of his new look.

Todd n Rory. Yea man!! / Todd. #wgc

I’m gonna guess that Snoop is rocking this new look for a new movie role or something. In some of the photos, it’s evident that he is also wearing make-up to make him appear Caucasian (whiteface?) so there has to be a reason, right? This new look kind of reminds me of the whiteface gimmick that Nick Cannon attempted when he tried to promote his failed album White People Party Music earlier this year. I can’t say that blonde Snoop Dogg is my favorite of his looks but homey deffo knows how to rock any look in the best way possible. What do you think of this look? Are you a fan?


  • Nightmares!

    I find this almost as disturbing as lemonparty.

  • al

    he’s come a long way from his Snoop Doggy Dog days…

    that’s all I got

  • Iris B

    . . . *closes window browser* *erases history*

  • BGLU Tia

    Dear Black people,
    Stop doing whiteface. You look stupid and it’s offensive.
    Dear White people,
    Stop doing blackface. You look stupid and it’s offensive.
    Dear Earth people,
    Stop doing ANY “face” other than your own. You look stupid and it’s offensive.

  • Krystle