Lindsay Lohan Finally Begins Rehearsals For Her Theatrical Stage Debut


Back in June we learned from Lindsay Lohan herself that she would be making her stage debut in a London production of David Mament’s play Speed-The-Plow. Since news of Lindsay’s casting was made official, Lohan has been spending the past two months on holiday in Europe doing everything BUT rehearsing for her play. Lindsay SWORE up and down that she would not be missing any rehearsals or any performances and we are supposed to take her at her word. Earlier today, one month from the day she is supposed to appear in her first stage play ever, Lindsay shared a photo from rehearsals. HMMM. Do you think she’ll be ready by the time the curtain goes up next month?

Just finished day 1 of rehearsals for Speed The Plow with my director Lindsay Posner and my co star Richard Schiff.

Maybe it’s just me but if I had a few months to rehearse and learn my lines before stepping onto a stage for my first performance ever, I think I would take the task more seriously. Even if official rehearsals for the other, more established actors didn’t start until this week, I would spend every waking hour learning and memorizing my lines. I have a very hard time believing that Lindsay did anything on vacation this summer other than party with her friends … but, of course, I don’t know for sure. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding when her first performance takes place next month. It would be a real shame for Lindsay to squander yet another opportunity to turn her career around by no taking her play preparations seriously. We shall see.