STOP EVERYTHING! Britney Spears Just Posted Video Of Her Woody Woodpecker Impression!!!

That's it! Life is OVER! Nothing left to see here on planet Earth
"Sometimes I do impressions"

OMG! OK, I know I just posted a Britney Spears post but while I was writing that post, she posted the most AMAZING video on Instagram that will make your weekend … will probably, make your LIFE! Did you know that Britney Spears does impressions? Did you know she can do a Woody Woodpecker impression? WANT TO SEE HER DO IT? Click below and ENJOY!!!

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  1. Now I know what life is!

  2. I never need to see another video again. Nothing will be better.

  3. hahah her smile at the end is too cute for words!!!

  4. This just made my day, no my life! She’s clearly in a great place.
    She totally needs a show ala’ #CandidlyNicole.

  5. SD

    bahahaha! this made my dayyyyyy

  6. SD

    and how cute is Sean Preston laughing in the back with her?!

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