STOP EVERYTHING! Britney Spears Just Posted Video Of Her Woody Woodpecker Impression!!!


OMG! OK, I know I just posted a Britney Spears post but while I was writing that post, she posted the most AMAZING video on Instagram that will make your weekend … will probably, make your LIFE! Did you know that Britney Spears does impressions? Did you know she can do a Woody Woodpecker impression? WANT TO SEE HER DO IT? Click below and ENJOY!!!

  • Britney’sBitch

    Now I know what life is!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I never need to see another video again. Nothing will be better.

  • janaegal

    hahah her smile at the end is too cute for words!!!

  • RonRontb22

    This just made my day, no my life! She’s clearly in a great place.
    She totally needs a show ala’ #CandidlyNicole.

  • SD

    bahahaha! this made my dayyyyyy

  • SD

    and how cute is Sean Preston laughing in the back with her?!