Madonna & 26-Year Old Timor Steffens Are Dunzo!


So, remember earlier this month when we learned that Madonna’s children were vacationing with her 26-year old toy boy Timor Steffens in the south of France … the same kid she started dating earlier this year? Yeah, well, I hope Timor enjoyed his time in the son with Maddy’s kiddies because according to a new report, Madonna went and dumped the poor guy. Shortly before her birthday, this report claims, Madonna told Timor to pack up his bags and GTFO. Damn. It sounds like Madonna and Child are dunzo!

Madge is single and ready to mingle! Days before her 56th birthday, Madonna split from much-younger boyfriend Timor Steffens, asking him to pack his bags and head home in the middle of their European vacation. The pair, who have been spotted out in public together since January, arrived in the South of France on Aug. 2, along with her children, but on son Rocco’s Aug. 11 birthday, “Madonna politely asked Timor to take his luggage and leave. He packed up and left the trip and said they were done,” a source tells Us Weekly. The pop icon has since traveled to Ibiza and her 26-year-old boy toy has not joined her. But don’t worry about the Material Girl. A source close to Madonna tells Us, “It was never serious, and she was never that into it. She’s been working on her album and getting Lola off to school, no time for anything heavy.”

Oh Madonna, chewing up and spitting out another youngster. Good for you, girl. I don’t see a thing wrong with a woman deciding to date anyone she decides to date (as long as they’re of age) and I surely don’t see anything wrong with a woman deciding NOT to date her lover any longer. Here’s hoping Timor had fun while it lasted. I have no doubt Madonna will find somebody new soon enough.

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  • Paul

    Well now she has to find a new babysitter.

  • Josh

    That’s all it was: Rumours! Rumours! Rumours! LOL!
    She Never even got close 2 being intimate with him neither did he with her. It was all business baby. Talent seeks Talent. Period.