Beyoncé Attempts To Distract Us From Photoshop Controversies With Blue Ivy’s Adorable Footwear


Yesterday I wrote a little about coming to terms with the fact that Beyoncé may just be the type of celebrity who has her Instagram pictures photoshopped before she posts them. I can accept a certain amount of diva in the world’s biggest pop stars, but that whole movement just irks me a bit. And many of you agreed that her photos are most likely/definitely being altered. In what I’m assuming is a direct response to our conversation, Beyoncé has taken to Instagram to post a new photo that gives us a glimpse at Blue Ivy. Click inside for more!


Come ooonnnnnn!!! These are the CUTEST, right? I mean, floral baby girl Adidas? Blue Ivy is too cute.

But I haven’t forgotten Bey


  • janaegal

    She’s passive aggressively calling you out Shannon! You better get THREE pictures up of your kid’s kicks! ;)