Okay, Now I’m Starting To Think Beyoncé Is Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos


So, a lot of celebrities have been accused of photoshopping their Instagram photos recently and there’s a big part of me that just really did not want to believe that. I feel like the whole point of Instagram is that “in the moment” vibe. And with celebrity Instagram accounts, I feel like it’s such a cool opportunity for them to give us a glimpse into their real lives, sans photoshop. But alas, I’m starting to think the rumors—specifically the ones about Beyoncé are totally true. Two recent photos of hers look a little strange to me. Click inside for more.

This one is from a few days ago, and people pointed out the wonkiness of her wine glass and her phone. I think the argument is that her thigh was photoshopped and it effected those other parts of the picture:


And then with this one, the area around her waist just looks weird to me. I know she has a tiny waist, but still… And, I usually don’t like reading the type of articles where people are hysterically pointing at tiny bits of evidence, like, “OMG LOOK! LOOK! He waist looks too tiny and too perfect and the top of her jeans doesn’t even look real!!!” LOL. But that’s kinda how I feel right now:


Am I crazy or what? And if she is using photoshop, am I wrong to be completely and totally put off by that?


  • Shane

    Hahaha those are totally shopped. And I thought Bey was above all that!

  • Camille Flesselles

    Well… She’s a business woman, therefore probably a control freak so it wouldn’t surprise me if these were Photoshopped.

  • NoVARachel

    Those photos are totally edited. However, I don’t necessarily have a problem with it (other than finding it a little weird/unnecessary b/c she is already so beautfiul). I follow a lot of photographers on Instagram & all of their photos are edited. The majority are obviously not taken on their phones & then uploaded to IG; they are taken on their profesh cameras, uploaded to their computers, edited using profesh editing software, then uploaded to IG via their phone. They are sharing beautiful images on a platform meant for showing beauty, at the same time promoting themselves, their brand, their talent, and their businesses. Beyonce & other celebs are obviously using IG to do the same thing. They are sharing snippets of their lives, yes, but still with control of their brand. I’m a food blogger & when I upload a picture to IG to promote my blog posts, they are always the pics I take with my Canon EOS DSLR & edited. You want to put your best ‘face’ forward when promoting yourself. That’s just MHO.

  • fep516

    of course it’s photoshopped! Bey is NOT the type of celeb that would put out anything that makes her look anything less than perfect… look back at her pics, there’s not a single one that’s not posed/lit/scrubbed to perfection. No silly outtakes, nothing even banal or boring… her Instagram is just another marketing tool for her team.

  • Britt

    Beyoncé has a beautiful body without Photoshop. This Is so sad! I feel like this makes her seem like she wants to be thinner when she doesn’t even need to be.

    Maybe I will start shopping by photos so I can continue to eat this box of Girl Scout cookies…

  • RDuC

    Remember the photos from her Super Bowl performance? And how her team sent out emails and memos requesting sites and blogs to only publish Beyoncé-approved images? So yeah, I completely believe that Beyonce is the kind of artist who needs to control and alter her instagram photos before being uploaded.

  • Bekah Everett

    I’m not surprised that they’re photoshopped, but I feel you, Shannon. There’s definitely something off-putting about it. I guess it’s because Beyonce always appears genuine and confident, and the photoshopped pics kind of undermine that.

    • janaegal

      See, I believe that they are photoshopped for the opposite reason…Beyonce has always seemed completely disingenuous and too business minded to be “real”.

      However, it doesn’t bug me, because I always assume an assistant is running most of these IG pages, with approval from the talent of course.

  • joy

    I’m not surprised that they’re photoshopped – I’m just surprised they’re photoshopped so poorly.

  • LisaR

    Yeah, I’m a photographer and quite versed with the Liquify tool. In its’ most basic form, it’s a circle you can use to ‘push’ things up or in.

    Clearly, someone did this very quickly (and sloppily). They used the tool to push in the bottom of her thigh, but let it slip down and pushed in the phone & glass. Bad form!

  • OG Emily

    Shannon iloveyoubut … This is not news. Beyonce has been photoshopping pics for years … The wonky lines have been there forever. Remember just a few weeks ago people were pointing out the wonkiness in her golf club when she photoshopped in a thigh gap? Every celebrity does it. Beyonce is much closer to Kim K than she’d like to admit. (I mean because they’re both obsessed with having people follow them around and post photoshopped pics on Instagram.)
    Meh, people photoshop on Instagram. I have no problem with it as long as everyone realizes none of the pictures are untouched. #flawlesswithphotoshop

    • Shannon

      OG Emily, ‘Beyonce has been photoshopping pics for years’—well, that’s why I made the headline more personal. This is about ME coming to terms with the news, LOL. I’ve seen all of those other pictures and I’ve just always made excuses or given the benefit of the doubt. I felt like, in some cases, people were just looking for stuff. OR I felt like it was an isolated incident. Now I see it’s a trend, or a norm for her.

    • OG Emily

      @Shannon LOL! Sorry honey, I’ll hold your hand and get you through it …

  • fabby75

    I am not surprised they are photoshopped; I am surprised at how poorly it was done. I would assume she would have a guy that would do that sort of thing for her. It seems like she did it herself, which is bizarre.

  • Linnéa

    Funny part about this is that she got furious when H&M photoshopped her in their photos.
    I actually feel sorry for her.
    She has the need to be perfect in every single way. That includes marriage, body, family, and life.

  • thomasg

    It’s too bad she couldn’t photo shop the elevator incident. Up to now she has some pretty stupid uneducated fans following her around. Why do humans put certain people on a pedestal is beyond me. Beyonce is not bad looking but she had things done to her face and skin color, look at past photos from her childhood and Oscar attendance and other events she was 3 shades darker. Ordinary blacks cannot suddenly come three shades lighter as they grow older yet they believe it naturally happened to Beyonce and Niki Dimage or whatever her name is, I don’t know what else to say. You can admire some people for their profession but what happened to some of you and your brain cells.