First Listen: Ariana Grande Releases ‘Love Me Harder,’ And Three New Tracks

Um. I'm buying this album and nobody can stop me.
Ariana's Comin' for the Top Spot

Well, I am in an incredibly happy place right now. Ariana Grande released four new tracks today and now that I’m all dried off, it’s nice to enjoy some new sounds. Love Me Harder features The Weeknd, and it is a really sweet track. Something about it sounds very mature too, which I wasn’t quite expecting. Ariana also released Be My Baby (OMG, it’s playing now… I love it), featuring Cashmere Cat, A Little Bit of Your Heart (written by Harry Styles), and Why Try. Peep the video for more!

My Everything will be released next Tuesday.

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  1. She’s really a great singer. Looking forward to this one.

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