Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charges In His DUI Case In Miami, FL


It looks like Justin Bieber is going to get off easy in the DUI case that was brought against him in Miami, FL earlier this year. As you may recall, way back in January, Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence, drag racing and resisting arrest. All these months later, we learn that The Biebs was able to successfully strike a plea bargain with the prosecutor’s office to so that he would avoid any real punishment for his alleged crimes. Bieber has agreed to plead guilty to lesser charges so long as he agrees to serve out the punishments for those charges … essentially, he’ll go to anger management classes and call it a day. Celeb justice at work, folks.

Justin Bieber has struck a plea deal in his Miami Beach DUI case in which he will agree to anger management but dodge a drunk driving bullet. TMZ has learned … prosecutors will allow Bieber to plead guilty to careless driving and resisting an officer without violence. Bieber will have to attend a 12-hour anger management courses and has agreed to a $50,000 charitable donation. Sources tell TMZ … Bieber’s lawyer, Roy Black, had one big concern … that Bieber NOT be placed on probation, for fear he’d go to jail if he violated even a minor law … something you can count on with the Biebs. It’s not a surprise prosecutors accepted a lesser plea. There were big problems with the case. It appears the cop lied when he said JB was drag racing and that police could smell alcohol when he hadn’t been drinking. This is Bieber’s second plea deal. He pled no contest to misdemeanor vandalism in the egging case, was placed on 2 years probation, 5 days labor, ordered to pay his neighbor $80,900 and he was ordered to attend anger management classes.

Yeah, I totally saw this coming. Even if the prosecutor’s case was strong — which it clearly was not — chance are that a plea bargain would’ve come into play anyways. Honestly, I’m very surprised that JB managed to stay out of trouble for the past few months because with as many times as he was getting busted by the cops, I figured he’d end up behind bars for real. Because he has managed to keep his nose out of trouble and because the case against him was so weak, he’s going to get away with his alleged crimes with nothing but a slap on the wrists … which isn’t at all surprising. If JB can stay out of trouble, he may actually manage to clean up his image. Folks have already forgotten about his arrests (be honest, did you forget, too?) so he’s repairing his tarnished image. While I sincerely doubt the kid has learned any lessons here, I do think he has figured out that staying out of police custody is the better way to live one’s life.


  • Lauren xx

    We’re breeding another Lindsay Lohan. The only way we’re going to stop young celebrities from going down this path is to give them actual consequences. How would this court prosecute amd sentence a normal person? If the answer is probation than that is what he should get.

  • adam

    This is actually ludicrous… in the opposite direction. If you’ll recall, 100% of the evidence was that Justin was not DUI and was not speeding at all, let alone drag racing.

    I think he is an idiot, but in this particular case, not guilty.