Watch: Britney Spears Shares Video Of Her Little Skater Boy


Our dear Britney Spears took some time away from her busy schedule of posing for HAWT photos as she prepares for her return to Las Vegas so that she could support her sons at the local skatepark. Britney shared a really cute video of one of her sons, I’m assuming Sean Preston, skateboarding at the skatepark that you have to see below. In the video, you can hear Britney cheering for her little boy as he skates on his own two feet like a boss. Watch and love below.

My own little skater boys! #ProudMama

The caption reads “skater boys” so I’m guessing that both Sean Preston and her younger son Jayden James have taken up the sport of skating. I don’t know that we are seeing Sean Preston in the video above, I suppose it’s just as likely that we are seeing Jayden on the skateboard. Alls I know is that if this were me, I probably would’ve fallen on my ass in my attempt to skate on camera (my skateboarding skills are rusty as a mofo). I love Britney when she’s being a #proudmama. I also love that Britney seems to enjoy sharing these family moments with us.


  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    omg she’s such a mom!!!! i love her.