Lil’ Kim Goes After Nicki Minaj With A Photo Montage Detailing Her ‘Identity Theft’


What’s happening here?! Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj are back in a beef, and it feels like it’s the year 2007 or something. Yesterday when Trent posted the Identity Theft diss record, I was like, “Haven’t we done this already?” I mean, isn’t it public knowledge that Nicki Minaj got a lot of her style, flow, and sexual sexy sex stuff from Lil’ Kim? We know this already! But I guess Kim wants to make sure we didn’t forget, and maybe she wants to push Nicki Minaj to the point where she has to respond. Click inside for her latest diss. Even though I think this is all somewhat petty (or, really petty), she makes a good point.


One could argue that this is a classic case of Who Rocked It Better? The point being that pop stars and celebrities bite off of each other all of the time, and maybe it’s just a question of who does it better. I see where Kim is coming from—and, again, I’ve always said that it was clear Nicki did some serious biting. I will also, probably, always consider Kim to be the real Queen B. But like other Queens, it’s mostly a title because—at this point in her career—she just doesn’t carry much weight.


  • Enanna

    Damn, Lil’ Kim must be BORED.

  • bosie

    Lil’Kim who? Trash and Trash…big difference.