Barbra Streisand Has Joined Instagram


Hear ye, Hear ye! Hollywood legend Barbra Streisand has joined Instagram and with her first photo post, she informs the world of what sort of thing we can expect from following Babs on Insta. As you can see below, Barbra posted a very short hello message as a caption to her first photo … which introduces us to a very special loved one in her life. Click below to see Babra Streisand’s debut on Instagram and follow her — immediately!

Hello Instagram… isn’t my Samantha just precious?

I mean … is this photo not everything? The outfit, the awkward pose, the dog?! It’s all too much and, yet, not enough. I highly doubt this photo was taken on a mobile phone. It looks like something Annie Leibovitz would shoot for her … MAYBE IT IS AN ANNIE LEIBOVITZ PHOTOGRAPH?! You know what, Babs can do whatever she wants. If she wants to hire Annie to follow her around to shoot her Instagram photos, she could totally do it. I bet that’s what she’ll do from here on out. I can wait to to find out.


  • Paul

    What happened to her face? I am glad you told me who it was.