Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Celebrity Spokesmodel For A Throat Strengthener In Japan


Earlier today we saw photos of the new ad campaign for Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear line called CR7. Right now, tho, we get to see another ad campaign that stars Cristiano promoting the sale of a bizarre facial/throat strengthener thing. Yeah, I have no idea. The clip starts out with Ronaldo kicking around a soccer ball, then he holds up and looks at this device, then other people put the device in their mouths and use it — which Cristiano never does. LOL. He must have been paid a lot of money to appear in this ridiculous ad. I hope it was worth it. Again, I say, LOL.

  • Karen

    LOL. Trent, it’s like you were reading my mind.
    You: “…promoting the sale of a bizarre facial/throat strengthener thing.”
    Me: ????????
    You: “Yeah, I have no idea.”