Are You Ready For Robert Pattinson’s First Gangsta Movie?


I think it’s really interesting to watch actors reinvent themselves and Robert Pattinson is clearly doing just that. The Twilight star has seriously moved on from the franchise (in terms of career choices) and I don’t think anyone has to worry about him being only synonymous with Edward Cullen anymore. After working with the likes David Cronenberg and James Gray, Pattinson is gearing up for another bold indie move with Spring Breakers director and Kids writer Harmony Korine. Click inside for more!

Indiewire has the deets:

You may have missed it in the feverish “Maps To The Stars”/”The Rover”/Cannes buzz, but in early May, Robert Pattinson revealed that he might make a movie with Harmony Korine. There weren’t many details at the time, but a few more nuggets have been revealed, and evidence suggests the sort of unlikely project Korine has made his name on.

In a recent profile in Esquire UK, Korine mentioned writing a Miami-set gangster movie for Pattinson. Could this be the Southern Gothic crime family picture Korine announced in early 2013? It’s very likely they are one and the same. Credit Pattinson for making this happen, as he reportedly called Korine out of the blue, and the next thing you know they were working together. Should any such project come to pass, it would seem indicative of the actor’s emerging modus operandi.

It sounds like we don’t have official, official confirmation on this yet but many other outlets are reporting this as a done deal. I still have to see Pattinson’s non-Twilight performances so I’m not sure about what to expect, but I am excited for him.

What do you guys think? Are you into it?

  • fab4runner

    Spring Breakers was so horrible that it makes me not want to see this at all, unfortunately.

    The only thing I have seen Pattinson in was Water for Elephants, but I liked him in it.

  • LaurenL

    Wait, wait, wait… The write of KIDS? Holy ish, I’ll go see this film.

  • nicole

    i’ve seen a few of his post twilight movies, and i’ve liked most of them. he seems to pick roles he can handle. i’ll probably check this film out.

  • Kiki1976

    Awwww. Look at his cute little bicep while holding that gun. Bless his heart…