‘Team Bloom. Somebody Start Making Shirts NOW.’


It’s Monday afternoon and I am wiped out! I cannot believe how many times… I listened to Flawless yesterday, lol! Throw in a very cute four year-old’s birthday celebration last night, my computer charge finally conking out, a press day this afternoon, followed by a trip to the Apple store and yeah. Happy Monday :) But I realized I missed the comments round-up last week and we seriously need to get this back on and poppin’! This past week all that really mattered (besides #FlawlessRemix) was that Orlando Bloom got it on and poppin’ with Justin Bieber… and became a real-live superhero as a result. Click inside for just a few of the best PITNBr comments of the week!

PITNBr helen, I just know there’s a shirt somewhere for this momentous event.

Team Bloom.
Somebody start making shirts NOW.

ps. I really hope Miranda never really had anything to do with the biebs. I expect way more from her.

PITNBr Alecia was quite pleased when Leonardo DiCaprio was rumored to have “flicked” Bieber away in another altercation:

Leo was probably like, “Bye Felisha” and then sipped his tea with a total Kermit face. I love it!

PITNBr Sam wrote this a while back, but it STILL makes me laugh so I have to share. Trent’s headline was Reppin’ The D In The A, so:

I must be really immature because I giggled at your headline, Trent!

We had SO MANY excellent, thoughtful, and thought-provoking comments at last week’s discussion forum On Women ‘Provoking’ Men to Violence. But I was cracking up when I saw that PITNBr Awesome Margie referenced a video clip I almost shared, but couldn’t bring myself to, given the situation:


I see where you coming from, Shannon. I got you. It makes me think of Chris Rock. I won’t hit a woman but I’ll shake her.

What I wish more in the world, aside from world peace, less violence, etc. is that I wish us women had each other’s back. I look forward to the real talk from my girls without the feeling of judgement or feeling as if I am getting cornered and dissed and not truly listening to the women in my life who know me, care about me and want the best for me.



PITNBr Lauren and I belong together… on a musical tip, LOL:

Shannon – as always, you prove that you are my musical soulmate! Ahhh International Players Anthem (RIP Pimp C!) and How’s it Going Down are the best ever.

Also – totally forgot about I Need a Girl bahaha.

PITNBr Devonte Antonio RE: #FlawlessRemix:

*…steps off Hateration Train for quick minute*

PITNBr Matthew patiently awaits the George R.R. Martin children’s book, LOL:

Why did I suddenly get the image of a kindly old grandmother reading to her grandchildren this bedtime story where little Ceresi Lannister with her hair all in curls, poisons little Mary Sue and decapitates a kitten?

Hope you’re Monday has been as drama-free as possible. I am about to werk the ish out of this new charger—had a great interview for Paste with the lovely Zoe Kazan today, which I’m about to transcribe because transcribing interviews makes life (sorta) happy. Nobody call meee!

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