Janet Jackson’s Sound Engineer Claims She Is Readying The Release Of A New Album


So, I hope you’re sitting down because if you’re not, there’s a HUGH possibility that you might end up on the floor after you read this blogpost (that is, if the headline alone didn’t leave you #DEAD). Sound engineer Ian Cross sat down for an interview with Barefoot Sound and, you know, just casually let the world know that he has been working on Janet Jackson’s upcoming new album, which is set for release soon. Um, HELLO?! JJ hasn’t released an album since 2008 so … THIS IS ONLY THE MOST AMAZING NEWS THAT HAS NEVER BEEN! Click below to learn all the known information about this alleged new album from Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.

Ian Cross is currently working exclusively with Janet Jackson on her forthcoming much anticipated album, her first since “Discipline” (2008). To accommodate Jackson’s touring and recording all over the world, Cross has devised a powerful portable recording setup with Barefoot Sound MM27 monitors to assure sonic consistency wherever they choose to work … Jimmy [Jam] and Terry [Lewis] asked me to come work on the Janet Jackson record. At that time, I was already producing and engineering all kinds of records, but I stepped back into engineering because it was Jimmy and Terry. I started working with a lot of huge artists because that’s who they were associated with at the time. We were working with Janet Jackson, with Usher, Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani, and some of the biggest artists on the planet … In 2010, I won the Grammy with Usher on the Raymond v. Raymond album. Janet [Jackson] and I had a little bit more of a special relationship because we became friends naturally. You meet a lot of people and you become friends with a couple of them, but sometimes there is one person you become really good friends with. No rhyme or reason, it’s just what’s meant to be. That’s what happened with Janet. She asked me to work on an album with her called “Discipline” in 2007 and, again, just do the same thing, produce the vocals. That led to her hiring me full-time to work with her. That’s where I’m at now.

OMG! Altho this article/interview offers no real information about her new album, THIS IS VERY EXCITING NEWS! Maybe Janet and her team were planning to drop this new album as a complete surprise (kinda like the way she announced to the world that she was already married to her new husband without telling anyone when it happened) and this sound engineer/friend messed up their plans. Surprise or not, I can’t WAIT to hear Janet’s new album. It’s coming. I know it. IS THIS NOT EXCITING NEWS?!

[Source via Muumuse]

  • Mela

    This news is bonx. I grew up in the boonies with country parents and heavy metal older brothers and somehow Rhythm nation was the first tape I ever owned and it slayed my reality. I’ve loved her ever since and I can’t wait for new music! HoooO!

  • DT

    I am living for this…totes made my day! Cannot wait!!!

  • swile71


  • Jake

    Janet said on twitter that there is no new project. Although, a new album would be great.