First Look: Tori Amos & Daughter Natashya Lórien Release A Music Video For ‘Promise’


Last month we saw photos of Tori Amos and her daughter Natashya Lórien filming a music video for their duet Promise, which is included on Tori’s new album Unrepentant Geraldines. Today we get to see the video in full. As you can see above, the video is very simple in that it features Tori and Tash singing to one another — no special effects, no storyline, no setting changes. Tori, Tash, singing. It’s a surprisingly beautiful video to watch. Click above, have a look.

  • Courtney Puzzo

    they aren’t the first parent child duo to sing together in a music Video Tim McGraw’s daughters and those of his long time producer Byron Galimore sang the last refrain of his 2007 #1 hit Last Dollar Fly Away

    • @Courtney Puzzo — No, Tori and Tash aren’t the first to duet like this … but they are surely the most adorable :D

  • Dean

    Gorgeous video, I kind of wanted to brush Tash’s hair though.

  • Kkal

    As a daughter who is very close with her mother, and as a mother who would grab the moon for her daughter if she asked me to, I adore this video. Especially the way they revolve around and look at each other. Forever in each other’s orbit.