The Return Of The Bieber’stache


It’s been almost a year since Justin Bieber last tried to grow out his mustache but over the weekend, at the Young Hollywood Awards, The Biebs showed off the RETURN of the Bieber’stache. As you can see below, the Bieber’stache is clearly in it’s infancy … which isn’t all that surprising since it always looks in its infancy. I don’t know that 3 hairs on a lip actually constitutes a mustache but it’s really all that Justin Bieber has to work with so … he’s deffo trying to work it.

Yeah, you have to get in REALLY close to see Justin’s facial hair — which now includes a few chin pubes. Here’s the zoomed out version of this photo which shows what the Bieber’stache looks like when viewed from a normal distance:

I guess you gotta give the kid credit for his attempts at growing out his ‘stache. I mean, right? It takes a lot of gumption to go out in public and show off a mustache that looks like this ;)

[Photo credit: Getty]

  • mandylala

    Chin pubes. Hahahaha! I really needed to giggle today. Thanks, Trent! :)

  • CdnJess

    I grow more hair on my legs than he does on his face!

  • FoxRox

    Now you’re just being mean, Trent!

    • FoxRox

      To us, I mean! LOL

  • lost in here

    ARGH!!!!,Dude I was eating lunch. A warning would have been nice.

  • Kiki1976

    The really big close up picture kind of grosses me out. I did a google image search of ‘can’t grow a mustache’ and a fair amount of pics of the Biebs popped up. Go ahead, you’re gonna do it now, too. :-)

  • Katy

    my aunt Maria has more facial hair than Biebs…

  • woodroad34

    First he looks like a baby lesbian now he looks like an Eastern European haus frau. When does he grow into his testosterone?