Britney Spears Releases A First Promo Photo From Her New Lingerie Line


Last week we learned that our dear Britney Spears is readying the release of a her own line of lingerie called The Intimate Collection in September. As you may recall, that announcement came with the first official promo photo from the line. Today we get to check out a new promo photo of Britney modeling pieces from her new lingerie line to get you excited for her new intimates collection. Behold.

She looks great. I have a feeling that this line of lingerie will do very well. Britney tends to turn everything that she touches into gold so, I’m pretty confident that The Intimate Collection will be a huge success. I’m looking forward to seeing more promo photos of Britney in her undies, aren’t you?


  • Jessie Bower

    Wig… Bet she still regrets shaving her head…

  • Ali Smeech

    What’d the photoshop team do to her nose?!?

    • @Ali Smeech — It could also be make-up sculpting, too

  • Juneh

    I don’t recognise her :(

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    so fierce!

  • Dana

    I miss Brit’s old nose… I don’t know if it’s surgery or the make-up but it seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer!

  • Renzo

    bad potoshop of nose, corner of the lips and cheeks