Watch: A Documentary Is Being Released About That Time That Nicolas Cage Almost Became Superman


Remember way back in January of 2013 when we saw previously unreleased photos of Nicolas Cage in costume as Superman on the set of a failed movie that never got made titled Superman Lives? If so, you should also recall that we learned at the time that a documentary was being made about that failed Nic Cage Superman movie. Today we get to see the first trailer for the doc and LORDE HAVE MERCY, does it look great! The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? doesn’t have a release date yet but it has been fully funded by fans and should be out soon. While I think that Nic Cage as Superman was probably the worst idea that ever ALMOST became a reality, I am really freaking anxious to see a documentary about how such a terrible idea for a movie almost came to be (I’m most interested in hearing from director Tim Burton and screenwriter Kevin Smith). Click the embed above to watch the trailer for The Death of Superman Lives and you tell me that it doesn’t look like the must-see doc of the year (hint: you can’t).