A Casting Sheet For ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Reportedly Leaks Online


Last week we learned the exciting yet NOT official (yet) news that Neil Patrick Harris may be joining the cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show when the new season premieres on FX later this year. Today we get a bit more information about the cast of AHS: Freak Show from an ALLEGED casting call sheet that has reportedly leaked online. An Argentinian fan page for Freak Show on Facebook has published a call sheet that lists actors alongside the characters they supposedly play on the show. Honestly, this sheet looks believable but as we’ve come to learn long ago, it’s wise never to fully believe anything you find on the Internets until they are officially confirmed as genuine. Have a look below and see what you think.

An alleged list of the names of some or all leaked (not known) the characters and their respective actors from Freak Show.
Jessica Lange → Elsa Mars.
Kathy Bates → Ethel Darling.
Sarah Paulson → Bette and Dot Tattler.
Evan Peters → Jimmy Darling.
Ann McKenzie → Eudora Tattler.
Erika Ervin → Amazin Eve.
John Carroll Lynch → “Twisted clown” (Twisted clown)
Mat Fraser → Paul, illustrated seal. (Paul, the illustrated seal)
Rose Siggins → Suzi without legs. (Legless Suzi)
Naomi Grossman → Pepper.
Christopher Neiman → Salty.
Ben Woolf → Meep.
Grace Gummer → Penny, the stripper’s candies. The candy stripper (Penny)
Ramona Tyler → Mildred Bachman.
Richard B. (no distinction surname) → dark figure. (Dark figure)
Jay Caputo → stunt coordinator.
Then I can not distinguish the rest, but if anyone can, please put it in the comments.

A document like this could be easily faked … but the character names do feel like they could be genuine to me. A real document like this could just as easily be leaked online so … YOU be the judge. Which of these reported character names sounds most interesting to you? I’m anxious to find out if Legless Suzi will be an actual character.


  • nicole

    “twisted clown” – fml…i’m dead.