Justin Bieber Is Reportedly The New Celebrity Spokesmodel For Calvin Klein Underwear


Pop star Justin Bieber has reportedly signed on to become the newest celebrity spokesmodel for Calvin Klein Underwear and a quick look at his official Instagram profile shows that he is already hard at work promoting the brand. It is being reported that Bieber has already posed for his CK Underwear ads, that will supposedly be revealed soon. While this information has not yet been officially confirmed, it seems likely that this report is true based on the number of photos that JB has posted online that show him showing off his Calvin Klein undies. Hmmm.

Justin Bieber has shot a campaign for Calvin Klein – joining the ranks of supermodels Kate Moss and Lara Stone to pose in the iconic underwear. The 20-year-old singer has made it no secret he is a CK fan and first posted a ‘selfie’ featuring him clad in his shorts in April. The young star was arrested for a DUI in Florida and has faced various legal issues over the past few months, however, the shoot – which is set to be released later this year – proves things are on the up. A Calvin Klein source said: ‘Justin has shot for Calvin Klein, we hope the results will be released later this year.’ Although it’s not known how much Bieber got for the campaign, Kate Moss’s first CK contract was worth a reported $1.2 million – later rising to $4 million. Calvin Klein’s latest campaign released features Dutch supermodel Lara Stone – now one of the highest-paid models in fashion – in photos that harken back to the famous black and white Herb Ritts campaign of 1992 starring Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg. Just last week, Bieber posted a daring photo of him flaunting his tattooed body in his Calvin Klein underwear, and was also seen wearing the brand as he hiked up Runyon Canyon in California and then arrived home in Los Angeles.

Calvin Klein has built a pretty solid reputation of sexiness based on their underwear ads over the years. Will a new ad campaign starring Justin Bieber add to that reputation … or kill it altogether. First, we have to see if this rumor is true. Then, we have to see what the photos look like. Do YOU think JB can do a decent job of selling sexy underwear to the masses?


  • Jake

    Whyyyyyyy? I don’t really understand why a huge brand like CK would align themselves with Justin Bieber. He’s not as popular as he used to be and the attention he gets is not usually positive.

    • woodroad34

      Yeah, and he’s not really “urban”; he’s a brat with mental and emotional issues.

  • woodroad34

    Just one more reason not to buy this particular brand of underwear

  • schmee

    This sounds like some idea Bieber fans are floating to see if they can make it happen. If CK was trying to pick a celebrity that women/gay men want to see in their underwear and straight men would like to be, they should have gone with an actor like Chris Evans or some sports star. Biebers a brand killer… I vote fake

  • Josh

    Reeeeaaaallly???? UGH!!! gag me with a spoon!!!
    What’s next??? Kanye goes for President?? This is just Wrong, & Sooo Overrated All Over!!!
    This goes to show here Our Society is Today!!! ;(

    • Josh

      I meant to say:
      This goes to show Where our Society is Today!!!

  • swile71

    Like we don’t see him shirtless with his pants down enough already? I would NEVER buy CK if he represented them. GAG!

  • Donny

    And this is exactly why no one should pay that kind of money to wear with some old man’s name on them.