‘Serious Discussions’ Are Underway For A ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Prequel Series


In just the past week, we’ve gotten a lot of great updates about the forthcoming 7th and final season of Sons of Anarchy. First we learned the season 7 premiere date of SoA, then we saw fun new photos from the set of the show, then we got to see the second season 7 teaser trailer, then we learned that Malcolm Jamal-Warner (aka Theo Huxtable from The Cosby Show) has joined the cast of SoA. Today we get even MORE exciting updates about the show. FIRST, we learn from SoA creator Kurt Sutter that “serious discussions” are underway for the possible creation of a prequel series to Sons of Anarchy. Next, we learn a bunch of really SPOILERY secrets about the upcoming final season of the show (including WHO will get some romantic action this season). And finally, we hear from actor Charlie Hunnam about how he feels about being snubbed by the Emmy Awards this year. So much SoA goodness ahead … read on.

What’s this talk of a Sons of Anarchy prequel series?!

With Sons of Anarchy’s final season on the way, creator Kurt Sutter said he’s still mulling the possibility of one last trip to Charming after the show ends, which would show viewers the early days of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. “We’re still having serious discussions about that,” Sutter told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour. “If I do a prequel, it will probably be a one-off, maybe a 10 episodes kind of a thing. I don’t think it’s a full-blown, five-season series” … So those hopes of a spin-off? Pretty much dashed “unless it’s a Venus-Tig spin-off,” he joked. On the show, Walton Goggins plays transgender prostitute Venus Van Dam, who has an ongoing flirtation with Kim Coates’ Tig … Immediately following the end of Sons, Sutter is already committed to doing a Medieval drama pilot for FX, called The Bastard Executioner. The script has not yet been written, he said.

YES YES YES!!! Altho we probably won’t get a SoA spin-off, I am very excited by the idea of a SoA prequel. It would be really cool to see how the motorcycle club got its start. And the best thing about doing an SoA prequel? All the dead characters would be able to come back for another season of the show! Opie can live again!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!! Sutter’s new Medieval drama sounds interesting but PLEASE, TV GODS, let this SoA prequel come to life.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 spoilers you say? Read on with caution if you’re not caught up with SoA season 6:

Season 7 picks up 10 days after Tara’s brutal murder — at the hands, and carving fork, of Gemma — and Hunnam said Jax is in an appropriately “schizophrenic state.” “He’s obviously very sad and vulnerable and kind of broken, but there’s a huge amount of vengeance and anger in his heart,” Hunnam said. “The way all of that is processing, at least in the very beginning, is [starting] to have a numbing effect. He knows what he wants to do, and that’s where all of his energy is going to go, but he can’t get away from the fact that the love of his life has been taken from him.” Before the panel, reporters were treated to a sneak-peek scene from the season premiere, in which Jax tells Gemma how much he loves her; the dramatic irony between them was thick and palpable. “She’s somewhat duplicitous,” Katey Sagal began before catching herself. “It’s not even somewhat. What’s coming out of her mouth and what’s going on in her head are two different things. She’s made adjustments to the situation based on her basic instinct, which is to survive and keep her family together. She is still all about that” … “This final betrayal [has] completely demolished any potential of him trusting anyone outside of his immediate circle,” Hunnam explained. “In all of the scenes, I’ve been trying to instill a little of that sense — unless you’re my mom, my children or one of the Sons, you’d better watch out.” That said, Season 7 isn’t all gloom and doom. There’s a “very exciting romance” on the horizon, at least according to Hunnam, who excitedly announced: “Tig’s getting some this year!”

So yeah, Jax vs. Gemma — that should be fun. And Tig’s gettin’ some romance this season? Now I’m REALLY happy that Venus will be making her return to the show this season. Oh man, this new season is going to be F-U-N.

We know that Kurt Sutter doesn’t give a phuck about the Emmy Awards, but how does Charlie Hunnam feel about the Emmys?

In its seven-season run, the Kurt Sutter drama has never received any Emmy acting attention, including in the best drama race where the outspoken showrunner has been vocal that the series has earned. Speaking to reporters Monday afternoon, star Charlie Hunnam expressed how he really feels about the show’s perennial snubs. “Lest we forget, it doesn’t matter at all. I feel there’s this perception that we’re upset about this and … I really don’t give a shit,” he said to laughs from his co-stars and producers. “I make this for the people that watch the show and I really care for me about the work that I do and for my friends that watch it. People don’t appreciate it. You can’t win them all.”

Hahaha. Charlie doesn’t give a shit, got it :D

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  • Juneh

    I would loooove to see a prequel.. maybe ’cause I miss Opie so much :(

  • nicole

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! from the prequel to how Charlie thinks about the Emmy’s.

    though when it comes to the Prequel, i wouldn’t get tooooo excited about Opie’s return. if anything, it would be young Opie. i would assume that the prequel would focus on Jax’s dad and Clay.

    • @nicole — Yeah, it occurred to me that the prequel might focus on the Redwood Original crew but … maybe they can find a happy medium. Personally, I’ll take a prequel of any sort.

  • andrea

    Jax vs. Gemma was long overdue, gosh, I really hope, that she gets to suffer and has a slow, painful death…

    A prequel sounds much better to me than a spin-off, we’ll see.

  • Robin Mansfield

    Pre-qual? Super fantastic! please please please!