Is Scarlett Johansson Getting Hitched Next Month?


Back in September of last year, we learned that actress Scarlett Johansson got herself engaged to be married to Romain Duriac. In March of this year, we learned that the couple are expecting the birth of their first child together. Today we are hearing that ScarJo and Romain are quietly planning to get hitched in just a few weeks time, likely so that they can be married before their baby is born. It is believed that the couple are hoping to be married in Paris, France in just 4 weeks time. HMMM. Time to get those wedding gifts in order, folks.

Pregnant Scarlett Johansson is marrying Romain Dauriac in just a few weeks, she revealed at an elegant dinner thrown by Martha Stewart at her East Hampton estate.
The glowing actress, who was engaged to French journalist Dauriac in September last year and announced they were expecting a baby in March, was overheard saying at Saturday’s gathering that they are getting married in four weeks. The August wedding venue is being kept a secret, but the speculation is that Johansson will opt for a very private ceremony in Dauriac’s native Paris, or perhaps in the Hamptons, where the couple has been spending much of the summer. Johansson’s much-anticipated Luc Besson sci-fi movie “Lucy” opens on Friday, so the 29-year-old actress will be busy promoting the flick before the wedding and the imminent birth of their first child. The happy couple slipped into Stewart’s party, and sat across from the domestic doyenne for the seated dinner on her porch, whipped up by her private chef … Also sipping the rare bubbly and dining on marinated salmon, caviar and potato blini were Matt Lauer, Nathan Lane, Barbara Walters, Susan Lucci, Christopher Meloni, Dan Abrams, Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict, Thom Filicia, Gucci Westman and David Neville, Dylan Lauren and Rachel Zoe.
Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman also turned out for the fancy fete, with Weinstein seen cradling his sleeping daughter India, on his shoulder. Even Stewart’s three famous pups (one chow chow and two French bulldogs) partook in the festivities, posing for photos and hanging by the pool dessert bar post-supper.

It sounds like an attendee of Martha Stewart’s party has very loose lips, that is, if this report is to be believed. It sounds totally feasible to me. I can see Scarlett and Romain getting married as quietly as possible. They have been engaged for almost a year now, so, it would be totally appropriate for them to marry next month. I guess we’ll have to wait and see but I suspect we will be offering our congrats to the newlyweds soon.


  • Mela

    Honey, if you can’t make it work with Ryan Reynolds, maybe marriage just isn’t for you.

    • Krissy

      Hasn’t Ryan been engaged 3 or 4 times, though? Perhaps he is the one with the issues.

    • Mela

      How dare you Madam. :)