Here Are More Insanely Hot Photos Of Joe Manganiello From ‘People’ Magazine’s ‘Hottest Bachelor’ Issue

But Bachelor No Longer

Woof! Earlier this month we learned that actor Joe Manganiello was named the Hottest Bachelor by People magazine and we got to see a couple photos from his People photospread. Today we get to see the full set of photos from Joe‘s People spread, shot by photographer Nino Munoz. Despite the fact that Joe is no longer a bachelor now that he’s all coupled up with Sofia Vergara (the lucky betch), it is quite clear to see in the photo presented here that Manganiello is just the Hottest. Period. Check out the photos and TRY to control your thirst ;)

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  1. he makes me feel better about my grays lol

  2. Commented on this photo:

    That’s not real life.. there’s no friggen way.. for the love of GOD.

  3. the man leaves me speechless.
    im just going to spend my day sitting here..staring.
    so much for being productive..thanks Trent :p

  4. Commented on this photo:

    Sheesh! I better throw away this doughnut I’m having for breakfast after seeing these photos. LOL!

  5. Lisa
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy Smokes!!!! This may sound odd but I love the little bit of gray in his beard! Whoa.

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