Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow Staged A Mini ‘Friends’ Reunion Last Night


Fictional Friends and real life BFFs Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow got together in West Hollywood, CA last night for a mini reunion together to celebrate Courtney’s recent engagement and I’m going to assume that they had a good time together … cuz from the look of their faces after they left the restaurant separately, they looked downright miserable. My guess is that they were none-too-pleased that the paparazzi showed up to take photos of the Friends stars reunion dinner and, well, that’s the reason for their sour pusses. Nonetheless, the BFFs got together and staged the closest thing that we may ever get to a real Friends reunion so … have a look below at all the fun they had.

I can’t imagine why every single photographer in the SoCal area would want to get photos of this mini Friends reunion but … well, there you have it. I understand Jennifer tried to be really slick and avoid the paps altogether by trying to sneak away thru a really narrow alley behind the restaurant. She ended up scraping the hell out of the side of her new Mercedes Benz. Ah well. Even tho they look like they’d rather be dead, I’m certain they had fun together at dinner … I mean, I guess.

[Photo credit: AKM-GSI]

  • Charlotte

    Maybe they’re pissy because morons keep after them. Shit, they’re just three friends having dinner. Bugger off!