Rumor Has It: Adele Will Release A New Album Titled ’25’ With Tour To Follow [UPDATE]


Back in April we learned of a report that claims that singer Adele will release a new album in October. In May, Adele herself suggested that the title of her next album will be titled 25. Today, courtesy of the World Music Awards, we learn that Adele’s album is “confirmed” with a world tour to follow in 2015. The WMAs tweeted this Adele news with the claim that she has “confirmed” the information but there is no record of her confirming anything, anywhere … at least, not yet. Click below to read the tweet and see what you think of this report of new Adele music.

#adele confirms 2015 Tour After The Release Of Her New Album ‘25’!

Obvs this is very exciting news for Adele fans and considering the reports and hints that we’ve been getting thus far, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that this information may turn out to be valid. That being said, it’s probably a great idea to keep one’s excitement in check until the news is officially confirmed. Stay tuned, if Adele is really releasing an album in October, we should be hearing something official very soon.

UPDATE: An executive at Adele’s record label says there is “no truth” to this new album report:

Aside from her initial “25” tease on Twitter, Adele has confirmed nothing of the sort. And Chairman Martin Mills of Beggars Group, the parent company to Adele’s XL Recordings, tells Billboard there is “no truth in this.”

My guess is that there is truth here but the record company is not ready to confirm the news. Adele will release a new album at some point, it will likely be titled 25 and she will probably tour after the album is out. The fact that this record exec says there is “no truth” just cannot be correct. The tweet that is quoted above never mentions a release date so … I guess we’ll know soon enough if Adele will be releasing a new album this year or not.


  • Luke

    From what I have read, she is planning on a ‘surprise’ release, Beyonce style. Other news outlets are saying she’s just going to release it on iTunes without any previous promotion. Either way, I am SOOO ready for some new Adele tunes!!!!!!!!!

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  • starling1980