Lana Del Rey Tells ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine That She Doesn’t Want YOU To Listen To Her Music


So, remember last month when Lana Del Rey told The Guardian newspaper that she wished she was dead only to recant later and deny that she wished for death after she got called out for her irresponsible comment by Frances Bean Cobain? Well, today we learn that LDR has given another interview, this time to Rolling Stone magazine, and she is saying more ridiculous things. Did you know that despite the fact that Lana Del Rey keeps releasing music for sale, she’d really rather you didn’t listen to her music because — she says — she really only makes her music for herself and it’s really no one else’s business so, yeah, don’t listen to her music. Um, ok.

On her state of mind: “Well, I feel fucking crazy,” she says. “But I don’t think I am. People make me feel crazy.” She blames her much-publicized “I wish I were dead” quotes on leading questions, but adds, “I find that most people I meet figure I kind of want to kill myself anyway. So, it comes up every time.”

On how she wants people to hear lyrics like “he hurt me and it felt like true love”: “I just don’t want them to hear it at all,” she says. “I’m very selfish. I make everything for me, kind of. I mean, every little thing, down to the guitar and the drums. It’s just for me… I don’t want them to hear it and think about it. It’s none of their business!”

On her Saturday Night Live performance: “It wasn’t dynamic, but it was true to form,” she says, though former Interscope Records head Jimmy Iovine reveals that he worked with her afterwards on the use of in-ear monitors. In any case, Del Rey says music-biz friends pulled away from her post-SNL: “Everyone I knew suddenly wasn’t so sure about me,” she says. “They were like, ‘Maybe I don’t want to be associated with her – not a great reputation.'”

LOL. Oh, Lana. You’re so dramatic. After she completed her RS interview for her first-ever RS cover feature, she tried to cancel the whole thing:

“I’m not sure if they should run this story. I feel like maybe we should wait until there’s something good to talk about. You know? I just wish you could write about something else. There has to be someone else to be the cover story. Like, there has to be. Anybody.”

I really like Lana’s music but she should never do interviews because she is really f****ing annoying in interviews. No, please, don’t print the interview that I just gave you because I know you’re going to let people know that I tried to abort the interview and that makes me more interesting, is what I guess she was going for? Whatever, LDR. What the eff ever.


  • ella

    She really is insufferable, isn’t she? Someone needs to spend many, many hours in a therapy group…

  • nicole

    This girl…

  • Mela

    I can’t say that I’m really familiar with her music although I’ve heard great things about her as a performer. But talent aside…this girl sounds like a dick when she opens her mouth to do interviews. Like, if you’re music was for you and you didn’t want people to hear it you wouldn’t have a record company and worldwide distribution and marketing backing you. She just makes glib remarks about suicidal thoughts and courts controversy and I find that undermines my desire to discover her music.

  • Nora

    Child. You are not as deep, mysterious, or interesting as you think you are. Stop.

  • OG Emily

    I cannot with this girl. CANNOT.
    This poor little rich girl act is old. I’m sure her father, who bankrolled her career, just loves hearing about how ungrateful she is. LDR – I’ve reserved the whole stadium for you – take all the damn seats.

  • Paul

    “I make everything for me, kind of. I mean, every little thing, down to the guitar and the drums. It’s just for me… ”

    Oddly enough, whenever I hear a Lana Del Rey song, this is the impression I get too.

  • Lisa

    It sounds like a Kardashian interview. Spoiled and immature. I hate to be so mean but that is how I feel!

  • Wil

    It may be sound obnoxious, but I do understand her desire to not want to share her music. Ever since she became mainstream, I feel like it’s not the same anymore, for me anyway, as a fan. I liked the idea of listening to an artist that is so great that no one really knows about. It was almost like a sort of secret you get to enjoy. Now you get to see Lana plastered all over the place and it just doesn’t have the same appeal. With that being said, I’m extremely happy I get to hear her music and she is able to share it.

    • Danny

      Yeah, I’m sure the thousand other artists waiting to get discovered really feel her pain. She is a spoiled brat and doesn’t deserve the fame she has. I feel bad for the people in the industry who spend 20 years waiting to get discovered and actually starve and suffer or who end up homeless. She needs to get on some medication and shut her mouth, she just shows how immature she is. Her music is very amateurish and all auto-tuned.

  • VV

    I do like her music a lot (I have all her albums), but she is getting rather annoying. Is she insecure, neurotic, arrogant, attention-seeking or what? It’s difficult to figure out.

    If she only wants to make music for herself, she could do so with a copy of Garageband and a Macbook. She wouldn’t have to bother with recording studios, managers, contracts, long-distance plane travel, playing in front of live audiences (which is something I don’t think she’s very good at – her Glastonbury set was a bit of a let-down) and having other people listening to her music.

  • superjosh

    That’s perfect because I love not listening to her music.

    • @superjosh — LOL