Uh Oh! It Looks Like Daryl Dixon Will Be In Serious Trouble In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5


Earlier this month we got to check a really fun behind the scenes promo video from the set of The Walking Dead season 5. Today we get another update from TWD but this time, things are quite so cheery. Entertainment Weekly magazine has released a promo photo from the upcoming season that shows our beloved Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) in serious peril. I don’t really think that the photo below is too spoilery but use your own judgement before proceeding.

“If Daryl dies, we riot” has been a familiar refrain from fans of the crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon. That means Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman could have a melee on his hands if he does indeed off Daryl as he promised on Entertainment Weekly Radio (although we’re pretty sure he was kidding). Regardless, Dixon devotees are likely to gasp at this exclusive new image from season 5 of the zombie drama, which returns in October on AMC. In it, we see a bloodied and bruised Daryl, who has also been gagged and bound…and not in a sexy way as legions of ladies no doubt dream about on a daily basis. (Or maybe this is considered sexy. I have no idea. People are into some freaky stuff.) Who is responsible for this heinous act of heiniosity?!? Are those bastards at Terminus behind roughing up our main man (as played by Norman Reedus)? And how will Daryl get out of such a predicament? Wait, he does get out of the predicament… right? Right?!?

Oh man. This is the worst photo ever. Normally, I’d never dream for a second that they would kill off Daryl but damnit, shows these days (and The Walking Dead, specifically) tend to kill off major characters JUST to crush the lives of some of their most devoted fans. Ugh. I’m still gonna believe that Daryl will live forever but … I hate this photo.


  • swile71

    I’m with you Trent, this pics makes me NERVOUS.

  • Paul

    Daryl is one of the few characters that do not have a counterpart in the graphic novels, so there is no way to predict what will happen.

  • Chad Belicena

    Exactly! WTH is going on here!! I’m nervous about this photo but also excited about the upcoming season. #nailbiter

  • samantha

    He can’t die yet trent! Ugh I wish he made a move on Beth when they had a chance…

  • kat:)

    There have been other close calls with other characters, I’m sure that’s what is going on here. He’ll do some Daryl move and get out, or he’s amigos will come save him. Fingers crossed anyway! He’s way too popular, they’d lose so many fans if he dies!