Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Now Working At A Lemonade Stand


Earlier this year we learned the sad news that CBS decided to cancel The Crazy Ones which means that stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams became suddenly unemployed. Today we learn that SMG is unemployed no longer because she managed to find herself a new job! It can be tough to find work in a town as cutthroat as Hollywood but as you can see below, Sarah has successfully found herself a new working gig. I wonder how much she makes an hour. HMMMM.

Got to earn a living somehow rt? ;)

I. Love. This. So. Much. I just need to find out where this stand is so that I can go there and buy lemonade from Sarah Michelle Gellar.


  • al

    I’m glad that she has a sense of humor about it. Sad that her TV shows only make it 1 season.

    I don’t know if Joss Whedon still has love for Sarah, but if he does this would be the best time for them to reunite. Perhaps she could be Ms. Marvel in an Avengers edition, or maybe Ms. Marvel in a stand alone film.

    • @al — OMG, you better stop right now. If SMG appeared in Avengers I would DROP #DEAD!!!

  • al

    @trent you and mebo th, but tellme you can’t see her in that franchise!! Ms. Marvel would fit her to a glove, even just appearing as Carol Danvers for a 5 minute cameo would be amazing.

  • Paul

    Carol Danvers would be a good fit as it appears from the movie previews Guardians of the Galaxy is headed into the Kree territory the TV show Agents of SHIELD already stepped into this season. The Kree and Carol Danvers are intimately related, so I could see her showing up for that.