Watch: VH1 Brings Us A Dating Show Where The Contestants Are Completely Nekkid


Just when you thought you’d seen it all … VH1 comes at us with a new dating show that takes things to a whole new level. Dating Naked will feature couples who are whisked off to a secluded island where they will go on a series of dates in order to try and find love. They will go on these dates completely nekkid. Which is brilliant. I honestly didn’t think I’d be interested in this show at all until I saw the trailer. Now I can’t wait to watch. Click the embed above to see the extended trailer for Dating Naked and see if it piques your interest. The show debuts on VH1 on July 17.

  • Paul

    Given that the preview pretty much gave away the ending, I guess they are counting on the naked part to attract the viewers.

  • Matthew

    So. The draw and the novelty for the viewer is supposed to be that the couples are naked. Except this is on regular American TV, so we will be watching a bunch of pixels over parts. LOL.

    We keep stealing ideas from European TV shows (this time Sweden, I believe) and doing them worse than the original. :-/