Rihanna Shows Off Her New Nose Ring


Rihanna showed off a new accessory on the streets of NYC last night when she emerged from a club with a nose ring dangling from between her nostrils. Many people are suggested that Rihanna got her nose pierced, which is quite possible, but it’s also just as possible (and probably more likely) that she was just wearing clip on nose ring. It’s not that I would put it past Rihanna to pierce her septum but I’m guessing that something so dangly has to be a mere clip on.

If anyone can pull off a look like this, it’s Rihanna. There was once a time that I, too, wore a nose ring but mine was a real piercing … right thru my left nostril. Ah, the 90s. If Rihanna wants to bring the look back into vogue, I can’t be mad at her. What do you think of her new nose accessory? Do you dig it?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Sam

    Looks like a massive booger.

  • Sammy

    I absolutely adore it. Does anyone know where she got it?

    • Sammy

      Does anyone know where she bought it from?*