Here Is A Photo Of Justin Bieber Taking A Bath


A few days ago, I shared a photo of Justin Bieber’s near nekkid selfie here on the blog because I love you all and today I have another sorta risqué Bieber photo to share as well. The Biebs posted a photo to his official Shots profile of him chillin’ in the bathtub, recovering from a hangover, apparently. It’s pretty clear that JB is in the mood to share photos that feature a bit more flesh than usual … which cannot be a good thing for mankind. I mean, right?

tubs cure #hangovers

It looks like JB is using his newishly launched Shots profile to share these more risqué photos in an attempt to make the new social network happen. Considering his legion of Beliebers, he just may be successful in his endeavor. The surest way to get his most rabid fans all riled up about his Shots account is to post his “best” photos there so … I guess we’ll have to wait and see how much flesh he will share on Shots the next time he’s feeling a bit randy.


  • Caroline

    I remember visiting my baby sister in college way back in the day and having to a shower in her decrepit old bathtub that never drained properly so you were basically sloshing around in nasty, old, oily bath water at the end of it. My question is why is Justin taking a full bath in that kind of water? Also, why do I think he is shaped like a Ken doll “down there”?

    • nicole

      @Caroline – ” Also, why do I think he is shaped like a Ken doll “down there”?” LOL! you’re awesome.

  • zithu27

    i this it is ;)

  • Paul

    That water is filthy. How long has it been since Justin has bathed?

  • hugh janus