Eva Mendes Hides The Baby Bump That Ryan Gosling Gave Her


So … now that we now that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby, I suppose it’s time to officially kick off her bump watch! According to reports, it is being claimed that Eva is around 7 months pregnant with the couple’s child … which sounds insane to me but I suppose not impossible. Eva was spied out and about yesterday as news of her pregnancy exploded and as you can see below, she is not quite ready to show off her baby bump. Have a look.

Eva Mendes — now the envy of every woman on the planet and a sizable number of men — is going to gargantuan lengths to hide the fact that she’s carrying Ryan Gosling’s baby. Eva was leaving a parking structure Wednesday in L.A. when she ran into a photog … hours after news broke she’s 7 months pregnant — allegedly 7 months. She went through contortions to hide the baby bump, using a Birkin bag, scarves and everything else within arms reach to obfuscate the money shot.

I dunno about this 7 months pregnant thing … I mean, if true, then she is due to pop in no time at all. I’m sure she’s probably pretty far along but not that far along. If you consider how private Ryan and Eva are, it’s possible we won’t hear anything from either of them personally … until she actually births that baby … in secret. I have a feeling this will be the most non-existent bump watch in history. Ah well.

[Photo credit: INF; Source]

  • helen

    If I was carrying Ryan Gosling’s baby, I’d put up billboards with my face saying “I’m Ryan Gosling’s baby momma to be” and wear Tshirts with “Ryan Gosling’s Spawn” written all over my belly!
    Seriously, I’d be showing off that bump like nobody’s business!!

    • Ben@PR

      Another one: “Your imaginary boyfriend Ryan Gosling impregnated me”, “Yup, I am carrying Ryan Gosling’s baby”, ” Unlike you, me and Ryan Gosling will be intertwined forever”. I can keep going on and on…

  • Ben@PR

    Wear that baby bump like a badge of honor Eva. @ Helen another print for Eva’s maternity t-shirts: ” Keep Crying Losers” for all the haters.

  • Kayla

    ‘I had sex with Ryan Gosling and I got WAY more than this t-shirt’

  • dancingdanie

    Poor girl. I totally get that it’s no one’s business! Still, she took my boo!

  • Juju

    Seven month and wearing high heels. She’s definitely a wondermowan.